Prince's Rainforests Project
HMDG, 2009
Destruction of the rainforests releases more CO2 than the world's cars, planes and ships together. Prince Charles believes that saving the rainforests could stop climate change. To achieve this we need help from the public to get the world leaders attention.
Inspired by fairy tales we teamed Prince Charles up with a rainforest frog. The frog became the campaign icon and posed with supporters around the world on posters and in online films. We also created an online tool allowing people to create and share their own pledge video together with the frog.
The main film has been seen by over 6.000.000 people and got more than 20.000 media mentions across the globe, including NBCBBC and Time Magazine. Over 5.000 unique videos were created with our online tool. Global brands and celebrities also helped to spread the campaign.