The Sunday Times Best Places to Live
Grey London, 2013
  Rather than using the outdoor media in a traditional way, each of our posters featured exact directions (to within a mile of accuracy) on how to get to the Best Places to Live in Britain. We used the familiar aesthetic of 'Diversion' signs, but subverted their language by tailoring each poster in an amusing way to suit the specific location.
The campaign got people to the newsagents too. Sales increased by more than 48,000 copies, making it one of the papers most successful 7 day editorial promotions.
  Ej trådlös men bärbar
Forsbergs, 2006
  "Ej trådlös men bärbar" (Not wireless but portable) won Affischprojektet (The Poster Project) in 2006/2007. Affischprojektet is a yearly design competition for students arranged by STFF (The Swedish Screen & Special Printers Association). The brief was to design a screen printed poster on the theme Communication.  
Forsbergs, 2006
  "Burkugglan" (The Can Owl) is an artwork designed for Red Bull Art Of Can in 2006. It was part of the Art Of Can exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, used on posters all around Stockholm to promote the exhibition and one of three finalists in the category Best Execution. The artwork was sold to the CEO of Red Bull Sweden after the exhibition and now lives in his office.  
  Terrorist T-shirts
HMDG, 2008
  Inspired by popular "tourist t-shirts" from Guantanamo Bay and other terrorist related places at the time we decided to redesign real tourist t-shirts into "terrorist t-shirts".  
  Auto Trader app launch
HMDG, 2009
  Auto Trader launched an app that allowed you to take a picture of any number plate in the UK and it would automatically find you similar cars that are on sale at their website. Unfortunately it turned out that what the app did was illegal so it had to be removed from the App Store and the seeding budget for this online film was cancelled.  
  Sainsbury's Tiny Taste Team
Dare, 2010
  Sainsbury's wanted to inspire parents on Facebook to cook better food for their kids during their summer break 2010. So we created the Tiny Taste Team - three nine-year-olds who judge adults cooking skills. We made 4 episodes - Picnic, BBQ, Baking and Packed Lunch. They all lived on Facebook together with all the recipes and a lively conversation with parents. See more >  
  Friends Reunited
HMDG, 2008
  Friends Reunited is a social networking site in the UK with 19 million registered users. Their problem is that people don’t use the site anymore. That’s because you had to pay to be a member and when Facebook came along, people used that instead. So Friends Reunited made their site free as well. We were asked to tell people about that in a TV ad. We also redesigned their logo.  

  HMDG identity
HMDG, 2008
  When we started at HMDG our first brief was to create a visual identity for the agency. We art directed and designed the logo, business cards, letterhead, office signs and the agency's website.  
  Adidas Intense Touch
HMDG, 2010
  Adidas has a special edition fragrance coming out every year. To celebrate the athletes that move us, the ones with that special gift we came up with the name "Unique Touch" and to use an Adidas athlete's fingerprint as a visual. Zinedine Zidane was chosen be the face of the range. The name was changed by the client after we'd left HMDG.  
  Ancestry Missing
HMDG, 2010 is the biggest family research website in the UK. They wanted to make more people curious about family research. We created a campaign based on the people you might find in your family tree. See more >